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Discount Pharmaceutical IntermediatesDiscount Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Discount Pharmaceutical Intermediates Product Basic Info Chemical Name2-Bromopropane Synonymsi-propyl bromide CAS No.75-26-3 Molecular FormulaC3H7Br Molecular Weight122.99200 PSA0.00000 LogP1.78970 2-Bromopropane is a colorless liquid. It is used to make other chemicals, drugs and dyes. Technical Date Sheet锛?/strong ItemSpecification AppearanceColorless transparent liquid, no visible impurities Content鈮?9.5% Water鈮?.5% Alcohol鈮?.10% Chroma 锛圓PHA锛?/p鈮?0.00 PH6-8 Packing220L plastic barrel, 250kg barrel UseUsed as propylated raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, propyl liquid raw materials, fuel raw materials, industrial cleaning agents, pesticides, etc. Preparation 2-Bromopropane is commercially available. It may be prepared in the ordinary manner of alkyl bromides, by reacting isopropanol with phosphorus and bromine, or with phosphorus tribromide. Shipping and Serving: 1) By Express: EMS/ DHL/ FedEx/ TNT/ UPS for sample or small order 2) By air or Sea for bulk order Our Services: 1. Any inquiries will be replied within 12 hours. 2. Dedication to quality, supply service. 3. Strictly on selecting raw materials. 4. Self-produce. 5. Reasonable competitive price, fast lead time. 6. We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS. Or you also can choose your own shipping forwarder. 7. We have professional QC team to ensure your product more better. 8.Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.Discount Pharmaceutical Intermediates website: